Onelife Initiative for Human Development is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation in Nigeria. Known simply as Onelife Initiative, we are based in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria and our key target populations are young people of both sexes, and of diverse economic, educational and social background.

Youth apathy to governance evident in lack of thorough engagement with the system is the reason behind the emergence of OneLife Initiative. Our work is aimed at alleviating problems around the dearth of knowledge of governance activities. We also are interested in helping trigger policies that benefit young people and women especially around issues of reproductive health and Gender Based Violence. OneLife’s activities are more than mere responses to felt development needs; we are also compelled to intervene in the biting hardship caused by unemployment in Nigeria, especially among graduates and the non-skilled demography.

The use of new media tools for development purposes also interests us as an organisation. We believe the growing pace of Information Communication and Technology for Development (ICT4D) cannot be ignored.

Young people are our major focus group. However, our projects are targeted at different clusters and individuals based on existing baseline surveys or those conducted by the organisation. We adopt participatory learning and action techniques in our engagements to ensure our programmes are owned by the people we reach.

At OneLife, our programmes are diffused to reach many who hitherto are inhibited from accessing information relating to government policies and micro-enterprise.

The organisation is guided by principles based on our core values, vision, mission and objectives. We also have a rich base of partners and board of trustee members.


A generation of young people enjoying improved socio-economic life through innovative and consistent engagement with Nigeria’s public space.


To empower young people with the right skills using participatory tools whilst giving them access to appropriate information needed to activate sustainable change in society.


As a non-governmental organisation, OneLife’s activities are built around the pursuit of the following objectives:

  • To inform young people through skills development trainings. These trainings would initiate profound interest in micro-enterprise and also give support in terms of knowledge, referrals, opportunities, publicity for entrepreneurial efforts and employability edge;
  • To get more people engaged in the governance process and policy formation around health and gender issues through civic engagements, democracy literacy drives and other participatory approaches;
  • To channel the use of new media by young people towards more productive deployment for developmental purposes. Thus, these development issues enjoy both online and offline attention with the potential to trigger robust change.

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