formula239At Onelife, we find justification for our activities around this project by keeping a tab on the frightening chasm of unemployment and the thinning gap in employment prospects. OurFormula 23.9 project helps us carry out civic awareness, helping people understand why enterprise plans and mentality are crucial to survival today. With the unemployment rate presently at 23.9% and young people accounting for about 50% of this figure, it is therefore worrisome and worthy of quick intervention. On this project, we work with micro-enterprises in various aspects of the informal sector to improve their skills and ultimately grow their earnings. We also work with young people who are interested in various enterprises by offering information to them and matching them with mentors in their select industries. Our interest also lies in empowering young people with contemporary employability skills.

We are also growing to support the new economy that the knowledge of Web 2.0 is providing. Apps for mobile applications and the complementary marketing skills to promote and enhance the visibility of the enterprise emerging from such skill are also of interest to us on this project.