Listen: Radio Messages to Encourage PVC Collection

With the 2019 election less than 250 days away, the governance and policies desk of Onelife Initiative for Human Development is in full swing to ensure young people fully participate in the exercise across the 33 Local Governments in Oyo State and beyond. 

The Permanent Voter Card Distribution and the Continuous Voter Registration Exercise frontlined by the electioral umprire – the Independent National Electoral Commission which is currently ongoing in Oyo State is being closely observed. The team has also had interactions with some registration officers and young people at registration centres trying to get enfranchised for the 2019 elections. 

Onelife Initiative is using radio channel to reach out to people in urban and rural centres, especially young people to ensure that are part of the exercise and as such collect or register to collect their Permanent Voter Card. Governance, we believe is key to decisions being made around Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights and also ensuring that young people do not lose their dignity therefore providing opportunity to have access to  income-earning opportunities. 

Message cards have been placed on Splash FM 105.5 in English Language and Amuludun FM 99.1 in Yoruba Language. On Splash FM, listeners can tune in from 15th June, 2018 and it will air every Friday anytime between 4 and 5pm. The station can also be listened to on the internet from anywhere. On Amuludun FM, listeners can listen in on Fridays and Sundays.

Your vote is your right and key to several other social benefits that electing credible people in office provides. We ask that everyone get registered to vote. 


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