As an organisation or individual, do you have an event and would love to get it online through diverse channels? That is one of the things we do at OneLife Media, an arm of OneLife Initiative for Human Development. OneLife Media offers training support services to various institutions and groups—including but not limited to—parents and guardians, civil society organisations, religious bodies, academic institutions and corporate organisations. New media is our strength in the ICT4D sphere.

We believe in the huge role that new media is playing currently and would play in the burgeoning face of big data and the increased interconnectedness of our world.  This explains our disposition to hanging around issues of the future and helping to raise a generation that is through local but global in perspective.

Training Themes

Some of our training themes include the following:

  • New Media for Development Communication;
  • New Media for Teenagers;
  • New Media for Parents and Guardians;
  • New Media Mapping for Social Enterprises

More specifically, some of the areas we tailor our trainings to meet requests include social network analysis; digital democracy; social media and regulation threats; internet policies (national and international), communication, media and society; understanding media nuances through the understanding of Google; the massively networked lives, evaluation of top 10 social networks, et cetera.