Economic independence is at the heart of survival for young people in urban and rural areas. It determines if their votes can be bought, it is a decider as to if gifts to them can be used as exchange for sexual favours. Our preference is for agribusiness given its huge potential and its ability to also support the population that young people also depend upon.

However, our focus is beyond providing technical skills, it is about providing soft business skills that can make business of agriculture. For us, it is agribusiness and not agriculture. When we 2017, we facilitated cooperative formation among tomato cluster actors in Saki Tomato Cluster which led to them access pumping machines worth N500,000 for free and also successfully produced 30 baskets of tomatoes with long-shelf life on a plot of land in South West Nigeria, we were further convinced of our impact potential. Other interests include the following; meanwhile, catch up with our work through @naijagreenlife –

 Business Support Services/Linkages

 Business Model Canvas Development

 Youth & Women in Agriculture & Rural Development

 Agribusiness Management, Food Security & Solutions

 Fit For Market Intervention

 Rural & Urban Livelihoods

 Inclusive Business

 Digital Marketing Skills for Young People

 Writing as an Enterprise

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