Volunteer & Internship Placements

Do you want to make vast commitments to improving the quality of life of young people? Then consider volunteering with us at Onelife Initiative for Human Development, if you meet our standards. We value experienced and very passionate volunteers coming to join our team. Our terms of engagement for volunteers are captured in our employment policy. Young people with good attitude, basic work skills and experience beyond campus academics are particularly invited to join us on a rolling basis. Active members of campus outfits like the body of Campus Journalists, AIESEC, JCI and other social groups with humanitarian tilts are welcome to apply.

If you have specialised professional skills that can improve impact in our thematic areas, please reach out to us. Your little contribution in terms of skills support can make the world a better place.

Interested? Please fill out our prospective volunteers and interns form to enable us review and consider you for such placement. Specific volunteering and interning opportunities will be announced in the vacancy section of our website and on our social media channels as they become available.

If you reside in locations outside of Ibadan and you truly have the fitness required to be part of our team, please do not hesitate to reach out. We can use technology to bridge working gaps and ensure work deadlines are met.

Please note that to fill the volunteering/interning form, you’ll need a Gmail Account.