A nation is as wealthy and healthy as the health of its youth. Young people need to be provided with comprehensive sexuality education to ensure that other areas of their lives are safe. With Nigeria having the second highest burden of adolescents living with HIV/AIDs (10% of the global figure); and also having the highest number of girls and women that have been mutilated or cut (10% of the global statistics; and a maternal mortality rate of 576/100,000 live birth, the challenge is huge.

For a country where average age of sexual debut is 17 years for girls and 21 for boys, providing services around ASRH is a must especially as 1.25 million abortions are done in Nigeria annually. Several incidences of unintended pregnancies abound among in-school and out-of-school young people and contraceptives acceptance is still at about 10%. There is an urgent need to protect the sexual and reproductive right of young people through. Our areas of work include –

  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education
  • Community Mobilisation for SRHR information and services
  • End Female Genital Mutilation Campaign and Advocacy
  • Education, Referral and Support for ASRH
  • Referral and Support for FGM/C Survivors on VVF & RVF
  • Menstrual Health Education
  • Family/Life Planning
  • Campaign against Sexual and Gender Based Violence
  • Maternal and Child Mortality Campaign