Project Overview

I go talk is a good governance focused project that seeks to ensure social justice for all. I go talk is a platform created to chronicle social injustice in the Nigerian socio-political landscape. The project was conceived after a trip in and out of the country by the co-founder of the project. The frustration led to thoughts and conversations about a solution.

The project was conceived to contribute to efforts to ensuring social justice for all of us. It is about ensuring that you can call the Ministry of Health to find out the best Eye Centre to take your sister to. It is about our brother knowing what to do when a corrupt police officer is out to exploit them or the FRSC official is making an unofficial request.

It will also capture stories of various heroes and villains who are quietly or loudly changing the socio-political landscape in Nigeria. I go Talk is Nigeria’s adulterated/pidgin English for “I will Talk” with a tone of “You can’t stop me!” The project is presently hosted by a local non-governmental organisation in Nigeria.

Project Status and Byline

  • The project is currently ongoing and supported through our Good Governance Desk. I go Talk … the ordinary citizen’s voice.