Project Overview

As part of our drive to connect with Adolescents and Young Persons (AYPs), the School Connect Project was designed to provide comprehensive sexuality education, and life skills support at no cost to the students and schools. This project is carried out in secondary schools, tertiary institutions, tutorial centers and other gatherings of Adolescents and Young Persons. Topics discussed during these sessions include Abstinence, Menstrual Health Management, Risky sexual behaviours, Life skills and value clarification, Sexual and reproductive rights, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Sexually Transmitted Infections, and HIV/AIDS. The anonymous question approach which is adopted on the School Connect project ensure high level of participation among students something leading to shock on the part of teachers; as they are surprised at some of the questions being asked.

Project Objectives

The objectives of the School Connect Project are to provide:

  • Adolescents and young persons (AYPs) with comprehensive sexuality education;
  • AYPs with sexual and reproductive health information to help them make informed choices;
  • A platform where AYPs can have answers to sexual and reproductive health-related questions.

Our Journey so Far (as at 2019)

  • Over 2,880 minutes spent providing of comprehensive sexuality education to AYPs;
  • 650 adolescents and young persons directly reached;
  • 411 questions answered;
  • 6 volunteers trained and counting.

Our Projections

  • Reach out to 20 educational centres in Southwest Nigeria;
  • 4 comprehensive sessions at each centres adopted;
  • Directly reach at least 2,000 AYPs;
  • Train 20 more volunteers;
  • Raise 20 SCP ambassadors.

What Our Participants Say…

Before the sessions on the school connect project, I didn’t know that there was anything like an assertive skill so I couldn’t be assertive towards boys that disturb me; now my assertive skill has improved, I’m happy to have been a part of the 4 weeks session – Student.

I learnt that adolescents go through a lot of challenges and keep to themselves because they don’t know the right places to discuss these issues. The method applied in this program which allowed the students to freely air their opinions and ask questions is commendable. This programme is highly recommended to be done for other adolescents and young people – Teacher.

The program has had a positive influence on us; it has influenced change in our thinking and helped us to become more aware of ourselves — Student.