Dial the Government

Dial the Government!

Dial the Government
Dial the Government

For months now, we have been crunching data and also reviewing information. Our goal is to further activate the citizenship of young people in Oyo State. Open up the government to them. Encourage them to reach out to the Federal and State Ministries, Departments and Agencies in the state for information that they need or interactions they desire. We have made some process. We’ll be interacting with 75 youths and some MDAs today to share some of our findings. The good and the bad of course! And more importantly, get more insights and feedback from participants at today’s event on how best we can ensure young people in Oyo state continue to Dial the Government! 

If you can dial your bank when you have issues with your account and call your mobile number carriers, it should be possible to email, call or DM a government institution. That’s the idea behind Dial the Government. On this page, you’ll find the final copy of the Dial the Government publication for download once it is finally ready. This project was supported by CIVICUS Solidarity Fund.

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