Kano Elections 2023

Kano 2023: Will 1 Million Votes Suffice?

Kano State Elections


If you have seen the population in Lagos and you are surprised. Then you should also see Fagge, Dale or even Kano Municipal. Fixated on culture and modernisation, the people and the streets tell the story of commerce. Like any city with that kind of population and mixed cultures, Kano State gubernatorial election is a big deal. In this report, we take a look at the political history of Kano. How has gubernatorial elections been won previously in the city of Kano. How many votes does a serious contender need to win an election in Kano? How have the previous winners done it? Can a rookie win an election in Kano.

Kano State is going into an election with 5,921,370 registered voters. It is the highest in the north western part of the country. But there’s a problem. Only about a third of this population comes out to vote in every election cycle. A quick win for any young person who wants to contest and coast to victory is to win this population that refuses to vote on her or his side. You read right. We intentionally said her or his because, in this year’s election, Kano parades 2 female aspirants of the 17 aspirants eyeing the number one seat in the state government house.

Kano State Governors from 1999

Kano State Elections 2023
Elections in Kano State

How did a candidate who won election first in 1999 come back to relevance in 2011? How many votes did he win? Take a look at the name of the Governor of Kano in 1999 and see if it looks familiar on the national political map. It should if you are a keen student of politics it should.

Enough said! Download a copy of our report and see what the numbers look like. We know Kano’s election this year will be competitive but we think it comes down to plus or minus a million votes. We hope this report inspires a generation of young people to take a leap. We hope it inspires them to get into the political space.

Download the report. Click here.

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