Vote Not Fight Action Rally in Oyo State

Ahead of the 2015 elections, Onelife Initiative for Human Development was involved in the Vote Not Fight campaign in Oyo State. We took the messages to radio stations, market places, corps members and a number of other stakeholders. For the 2019 election, we are again calling for the embrace of peace by Nigerians and residents in Oyo State in particular. 
Vote Not Fight /National Day of Action Rally is a national day of action designed to raise awareness on violence-free 2019 general elections in Nigeria. It is with the aim of strengthening and communicating Nigerian youths consensus against hate speech, electoral violence, vote buying and also pressure the political class to play by the rules.
Onelife Initiative for Human Development is partnering with Youngstars Development Initiative (YDI) to implement the Vote Not Fight: Election No Be War campaign in Oyo state. Interested partners – CSOs, FBOs, Individuals etc. are encouraged to join the Oyo State Vote Not Fight campaign team by participating in the National Day of Action Rally. This event is proposed for February 5th 2019.
Vote Not Fight State partners across the 36 States including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja would conduct a peaceful rally from an agreed location to another in their respective state capital. A Vote Not Fight letter for peaceful elections will be presented where the walk is concluded. 

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