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Okay, so this is a podcast in Yoruba Language.


It’s a beautiful language spoken dominantly in the South Western part of Nigeria.

We were told people do not listen to podcasts in Yoruba.

But then, we’ll try.

Deep thoughts are sometimes done in local languages.


Igbe Kelekele loosely translates to Loud Whispers. 

It’s the story of adolescent girls and young women who battle issues of unplanned pregnancies.

It is about stories of sexual assault.

It is about the tale of rape and the consequences.

Loud Whispers and Igbe Kelekele was produced by Onelife Initiative for Human Development with support from Amplify Change


Join us here every Friday morning.

The weekly podcast will be up by 6.00am every Friday.

Let us know what you think.


Postscript — To listen to the podcasts of Igbe Kelekele, Our radio drama in Yoruba Language, follow the links below,

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If you have listened to this point, thank you for following, continue to access the rest of the links on our podcast channel on audio mack and continue to Episode 11.

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