Oyo State Governorship Election 2023
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Oyo State — Is a Minimum of 370,000 Votes Enough to Secure Victory?

It’s the second round of the 2023 elections. The incumbent governor of Oyo State is running. That’s certainly not news. He won’t be the first governor to seek a return to Office.

It is his 3rd attempt to be governor. He failed once and has succeeded once too in his quest for the office. For two of his closest contenders also running for the same office, it is their second attempt running for the same office.

The people of Oyo will decide which way this swings.

Elections in Oyo State
Oyo State Elections

Our guesstimate is that about 370,000 votes is what the winner may need to coast home to victory. Ipinle Oyo e ja ka sejiri is our way of introduction this state that is the size of about 5.3 million football field. We hope this report help electorates and those interested in running for office to see how easy or difficult it is. And more importantly to also begin to think through how to win over half of the registered voters — 3.2 million voters who have over the years refused to participate in elections.

Download the Report by Clicking here.

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