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Volunteer with us Online (May – July 2020)

This is an opportunity to volunteer with us.

Deadline is Saturday 9th May, 2020. 


Read through the questions and answers below.

They answer all your questions about what you will be doing.

How you will be doing this.

And for how long the assignment will be and what benefits there are.


Volunteer with Onelife Initiative.

What does this volunteering entail?
This role requires that you:
1. Listen to a radio drama series
2. Promote the series on your social media timelines
3. Answer questions related to the radio drama
4. Have social media engagements on reproductive health contents
5. Give reports of activities done

What are the requirements for the volunteering position?
1. A smart phone
2. Access to internet
3. Radio garden app or access to radio stations in Oyo State.
4. Active social media presence

How many hours will I need to volunteer in a week?
A minimum of one hour

How old do I have to be to volunteer?
To volunteer for this current role, you should be between ages 15 and 35 years

Will I be paid?
No, you won’t be paid. However, you will be given a certificate at the end of the program.

There may be giveaways of t-shirts, recharge cards and other souvenirs for outstanding volunteers.

Exceptional volunteers may also be enlisted for other opportunities.

Will I be working with other volunteers?

Each volunteer will work online independently, however, all volunteers will be on a group page where information are passed across and there can be interaction on this platform.

How long will this volunteering role be?
Minimum of 3 months, but not more than 6 months.

Can I leave if I don’t like my role?
You under no obligation to volunteer for the organization.

Details of the job description are given so that you can make an informed decision.

We prefer those who start with us on the project to also end it.

You can make a complaint if you feel something is wrong with the process.

We run a horizontal leadership style here.

Can I volunteer with my family and friend?
Yes, you can. As long as they meet the eligibility criteria

Do I have to be in a particular location to Volunteer?
You can volunteer from any part of the world

Do I need qualifications to volunteer?
You don’t need a qualification to volunteer for this role

but you should have Basic English communication skills and understand how to use of social media and internet in general.

Can I get a qualification or award?
There are no qualifications or awards attached to this role.

A certificate of participation will be awarded to those who completes the project and meets all task deadlines.

I have applied for a volunteer role but did not hear anything?
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

If you are not reached after one week, that means you were not shortlisted for the role.
If you are interested, kindly fill the form below.

Shortly listed candidates will be reached and added on a WhatsApp group.





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