Is Abstinence Possible?

Abstinence is very possible and it comes in handy with several advantages. Abstinence is not having sex or any type of intimate sexual contact. For adolescents, it is advised to abstain from unsafe sex. It is not easy to achieve but yes, it is possible.  You might have heard about several myths surrounding abstinence but the fact is there is no adverse effect of staying off sex. Irrespective of your age, you can decide to stay off sex as long as you want without suffering any direct health issues. It is normal for you to feel the urge to have sex but that doesn’t mean you have to do it. Sex is not bad in itself. It is pleasurable and exciting and with the hormonal changes going on during puberty, it is normal for you to feel like exploring it. Together with its pleasure comes with responsibilities which young people are not ready or capable of facing alone. You can choose to abstain even if you are not a virgin.



  • It is the most effective way to fight HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.
  • It is the only 100% preventive measure for unwanted pregnancies.
  • Abstinence helps you to focus your energy on school and building your career without any fear of unwanted pregnancies and other complications.



  • Engage yourself in other productive things: the mind is always occupied and young minds always want to explore, you can’t just leave it bare. Spending time with sport, reading and other social activities will keep you busy and reducing the rate at which you pounder on sex
  • Avoid provocative information: you cannot shut your eyes while walking on the road because of some provocative dressing, songs or pictures but you can deliberately take your mind off it. Engaging in activities like that puts you in the mood (such as watching pornography, compromising position with the opposite sex, reducing romantic novels and articles etc.) will bring nothing but self-torture or lead you to masturbation.
  • Stay close with like minds: Peer pressure is a major factor that leads teenagers to early sexual debut, that feeling of belonging when your friends are talking about their experience may want to trick you into exploring the act however; carefully selecting your friends will reduce these pressures.
  • Stay clear of questionable activities: behaviours such as drug or substance use, alcoholism and attending wild parties will prevent you from abstaining from sex. These activities clouds the mind and you may not even realise how far you’ve gone until its effects start to show.
  • Leverage on Life-building skills: Developing skills such as decision making, assertiveness, goal setting will enable you stand above stress in school and at home and make you more productive

Abstinence is basically a personal decision. There is a right time for everything and you should ready to take responsibilities for your actions.



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