Tiktok Challenge
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#YouthEndFGM Tiktok Challenge!!!

Tiktok Challenge

Interesting facts about Female Genital Cutting/Mutilation you didn’t know existed

1. Female Genital Mutilation is a cultural practice that 20 million Nigerians have undergone.
2. It has no health benefits…at all!!
3. It is false that cutting a lady’s clitoris is the solution to preventing promiscuity.
4. FGM can cause bleeding, cysts formation, and other long-term consequences.
5. The health implications of FGM are many.
6. Female circumcision is not worth the trouble
7. Sign the Petition to get African Union to act quickly against FGM
8. #YouthEndFGM


Using a trending song that is danceable, do a fun and interesting TikTok video with the information above

Once you are done making your video, share it on your social media pages. Use the hashtag #YouthEndFGM and tag us on Instagram @youthhubafrica @onelifeinitiative 

The video with the most likes and engagements wins an 18 inch ring light to light up your other TikTok videos. Awesome! Right? 

Entry Closes: 5.00pm December 10th, 2021. 

#YouthEndFGM #16DaysOfActivism2021

To learn more about Female Genital Mutilation and its effects click here and here

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