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Unveiling the 2SCALE Calendar

In 2021, Onelife Initiative continued as a Business Support Champion to bring together smallholder farmers, under the 2SCALE project supported by IFDC. Central to this project  is Promise Point, a company focused on processing cassava and looking to upscale its production,

Part of our efforts is to empower farmers and bring them into clusters so that they can be strong enough to access loan facilities, business support services, farm input, tainings and other facilities. We proudly crafted a calendar that chronicles our activities throughout the year. Beyond its glossy pages and vibrant imagery, this calendar embodies the hopes that our farmers are a part of something big.

collection of pictures on a calendar

The 2SCALE Project: Empowering Communities Through Collaboration

At its core, the 2SCALE project is about fostering inclusive business in Agri-food sectors and industries within farming communities. Through strategic partnerships and targeted interventions, we’ve worked tirelessly to uplift smallholder farmers livelihood and provide them with the resources they need to become better business men and women

One of the key components of the project involved identifying existing cooperatives in our chosen locations. With a focus on inclusivity, we facilitated the formation of  cooperatives, paying special attention to women and youth groups. These cooperatives serve as the backbone of our efforts, providing a platform for collective action and empowerment.

But our work didn’t stop there. We went a step further, linking these actors with the newly formed cooperatives to create Agribusiness Clusters. These clusters serve as hubs of innovation and collaboration, bringing together farmers, processors, input dealers, transporters and other stakeholders in the value chain.

Woman carrying cassava stalks.

For the smallholder farmers who received this calendar, it represents more than just a collection of dates and events. It’s a tangible symbol of their journey towards empowerment and self-sufficiency. Each page tells a story of resilience, and determination to be better at what th deyo.

It’s a reminder that they’re not alone in their struggles, that there’s a network of support and solidarity standing behind them. And as they flip through its pages, they’re reminded of the importance of working in clusters rather than in silos, as they were used to.

Woman applying fertilizer to a cassava plant.

As we reflect on the impact of the 2SCALE and the Promise Point Cassava Partnership, we’re filled with a sense hope that the livelihoods of farmers especially women will change for the better. The smily pictures on the pages of the calendars reminds us of why we work in this space altogether.

Market where cassava is sold in silos.

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