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CV Clinic Berths in Akwa Ibom

In today’s competitive job market, it is crucial to present ourselves effectively to maximize our career prospects. Email applications, along with well-crafted Curriculum Vitae (CV) and cover letters, have become popular methods of job seeking. On June 7th, 2023, Onelife Initiative for Human Development hosted the second edition of the Email Application and CV Clinic in Uyo, Nigeria. The clinic aimed to equip young participants with essential skills in crafting professional emails, cover letters, and CVs to enhance their job application success.




CV Clinic — Cross Section of Physical Attendees in Akwa Ibom
CV Clinic — Cross Section of Physical Attendees in Akwa Ibom


Improving Email Applications:
During the clinic, Onelife Initiative’s executive directors, Mr. ‘Sola Fagorusi and Mr. Rotimi Olawale, engaged the participants in proper email etiquette and application techniques. The first session highlighted common errors committed by job seekers and provided valuable insights. Key takeaways included not assuming anything when submitting an application, addressing the recipient with the proper greeting, submitting applications before the deadline, refraining from transferring applications sent to other organizations, avoiding acronyms, maintaining a professional email address, and carefully reading application instructions. The importance of highlighting volunteering experiences and the soft skills developed through them was also emphasized.

Training of participants during email application and cv clinic in Uyo

Crafting Impressive CVs:
The clinic’s second session focused on CV writing. Participants learned the significance of including contact information, such as phone numbers, email addresses, and contact addresses. The structure of an effective CV was discussed, which includes a profile summary, employment experience, educational background, and references. The session stressed the importance of tailoring CVs to specific job positions and emphasized the ethical practice of not falsifying documents or resumes. Participants were encouraged to start their CVs with the most recent degree and employment.



A one-on-one CV review with one of the participants at the clinic session
A one-on-one CV review with one of the participants at the clinic session


Conclusion and Future Opportunities:
Standing out from the competition and leaving a positive impression on employers is essential in the current job market. The Email Application and CV Clinic successfully provided participants with practical knowledge and insights to enhance their job application materials. The clinic’s review and revision of each participant’s CV further solidified the learnings from the training. For those who missed the event, a link to the Instagram live video was provided for a deeper understanding. Participants were also informed about the upcoming third edition of the clinic, encouraging them to stay connected through Onelife Initiative’s website and social media platforms for updates.

By hosting the second edition of the Email Application and CV Clinic, Onelife Initiative has demonstrated its commitment to empowering young job seekers with the necessary skills for career success. This paves the way for individuals to present themselves professionally and seize opportunities in the competitive job market.



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